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Thursdays + Fridays | 11:00 AM - 6:00 PM

THANKSGIVING WEEK - Wednesday, November 23rd | 2:00 PM - 8:00 PM

We will announce Saturday hours soon!

- Team JB3


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Check out the menu for our Grateful Bread Thanksgiving Market at The JB3 DoughJoe located at 1806 1/2 N. Nebraska Ave. Tampa. FL 33602.

Product will sell out fast, and we cannot hold orders.

We will be open from 2:00 PM - 8:00 PM on Wednesday, November 23rd 2022.

See you there bread fam!




Try our Gluten Friendly Whole Grain Sourdoughs and breads. We freshly mill whole organic grains from LINDLEY MILLS NC and use Old World Style baking by process of long fermentation to break down the gluten, leaving our breads easy to digest, while giving you energy. We've had great success with our GF patrons but as we tell everyone...our bodies are all unique so take it slow and see how it goes. Look for the "GF" next to our GLUTEN FRIENDLY PRODUCTS.


Here at JB3 we DO NOT USE artificial preservatives so we suggest that anything you won't consume within a few days, be frozen immediately to preserve moisture. We use steam injected ovens to bake your breads fresh so they have amazing moisture to capture for freezing. In our home we slice our loaves and take half to store on the counter and half to freeze and take out later in the week. (We prefer ziplocks for both counter and freezer storage)

Reheat: Freezer to toaster/oven is best but you can also pull your bread from the freezer night before and it will thaw beautifully for morning. Whole frozen loaves" Bake in oven at 350degrees for 20-25 minutes


Jamison B is named after our son, Jamison Blue, and we started this company when he was just a 1 year old. Papa; Chef Jason is the head baker and takes care of all things bread. Mama; Jamie "Blue" is the founder, owner and operator who takes care of all things business. Together we have been slinging bread to local chefs since 2013. During the shut down of 2020 the DRIVE BY MARKET was born to keep our employees employed and fresh bread baking. Right now it is just Saturdays but we are working on a retail concept for the near future with more days and more hours, so hold on tight. We appreciate every single one of our patrons, they are family, so WELCOME TO THE BREAD FAM!

Jamison B. has been a wholesale specialty bread facility since 2013 supplying the best chefs in Tampa. 2020 forced the JB3 team in a new direction so now YOU can join the fun at the Dough Joe grab and go bread shop...coming soon!


What our customers are saying

"Jamison B. bread’s rich flavors, warmth and goodness are a direct reflection of the people who make each loaf, baguette and roll. Every bite is a warm embrace. Anyone who serves their bread to friends, family members or customers shines as a result of sharing that goodness and craftsmanship.”

Jeff Houck

THE BEST variety of a unique specialty breads and pastries in Tampa. They are always coming up with irresistible new offerings made with integrity and love.  Not to be missed!

Elena Mantas

I am so thankful to have found this bakery and their wonderful sourdough bread. My oldest child cannot have gluten and my youngest is allergic to dairy. We had pretty much just given up on bread until I found them, because my children didn’t like any of the other alternatives out there. My kids are so excited to be able to have bread without any negative reactions in their bodies. It has opened up so many meal options for them! Even if you are not gluten free, this bread is wonderful, my friends and family always comment on the amazing bread we have in our house.

Cindy Horrocks