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Bread is "butta" with you!

  • WEEK OF APRIL 25th, 26th, 27th 2024

  • Thursday + Friday 11AM - 6PM

  • Saturday 11AM-3PM


  • OLD-FAV! Pumpernickel Sauerkraut Rye (V) (G Friendly)….$9
  • Savory and moist pumpernickel rye with sauerkraut.
  • FAN FAV! Yukon Gold English Muffins...6pk $11.55
  • Organic Country Sourdough (V) (G Friendly)...$9
  • Organic French Baguette (V)...$7
  • Absolutely Everything Bagels 4pk (V)….$6 
  • Italian Ciabatta loaf (V)…$5
  • Italian Ciabattini rolls (V) 4pk / $6
  • OnSwann Sliced Sourdough Sammy Loaf (V) (G Friendly)...$8
  • Sweet Cracked Wheat Sliced Sammy....$7
  • Pretzel Baguette...$9
  • Fresh Saltines...$10


  • NEW-NEW! Granny Apple Handpie….$9
  • Granny Smith Apple hand pies in butter puff pastry with cream icing.
  • OLD-FAV! Praline Toffee Supreme….$9
  • Flaky croissant supreme with hazelnut cream, fudge icing, toffee bits, candied hazelnut.
  • NUMBER 1 SELLER! Super Dark Chocolate Olive Oil Cupcakes….4pk $20 | single $6 
  • Super Dark chocolate olive oil cupcakes filled with mascarpone frosting and topped with fudge icing.
  • Cupcake Scraps….$8
  • No knead to waste the goods...once we scoop 'em out....they go to you!   
  • Big Ol' Cinnamon Roll.....$7
  • Pain Au Chocolat...$7
  • O.G. French croissant with Vahlrona chocolate batons.
  • Fudgee Brownie w/ Valrhona white and milk chocolate....$7
  • Original Kouign Amann “The Queenw/ cardamom and orange....$7
  • BestDamn ChocoChip Cookies (v)...2pk / $8
  • O.G. French Croissant$6


No Substitutions available. These are pre-made grab n' go items.

  • TEAM FAV! Pesto Club Hero….$12
  • Bourbon ham, maple turkey, applewood smoked bacon, pesto aioli, Swiss cheese, on a fresh JB3 ciabatta loaf.
  • **********


  • NEW-NEW! Pizzatta Amatriciana….$12
  • Our ciabatta pizza crust with bacon, guanciale, onions, tomatoes, pecorino Romano.
  • ***********
  • NEW-NEW! Pesto Veggie Pizzatta (V)….$12
  • Our ciabatta crust with roasted veggies, nut free pesto, FYH vegan mozzarella. (Vegan)
  • ***********
  • Tidy Brisket$8
  • Our Japanese milk bun with Tangy BBQ Brisket, pepper Jack, american cheese and dill pickles.


  • JB3 Go Joe…$3.33
  • House cold brewed coffee.
  • JB3 Cold Joe….$4.44
  • House cold brewed coffee, oat milk, splash of simple syrup. (Ask for a sample.)
  • JB3 Sun-dried Tomato and Scallion Cream Cheese...$5
  • JB3 Pizza Dough (12oz)...$6
  • JB3 Hummus (V)...$6
  • JB3 Sourdough Starter (4oz)...$10
  • JB3 TakeN'Bake Vegan Cookie Dough Tub....$16


  • JB3 Absolutely Errythang Spice….$10
  • Sesame seeds, onion, garlic, poppy seeds, fennel, caraway, salt.
  • JB3 Dipping Oil for Bread....$4.44
  • JB3 Tutti Fruitti Trail Mix (V)...$6
  • Strawberries, blackberries, blueberries, mango, coconut, bananas, cashews.
  • JB3 Plain Jane Grainola....$8
  • Oats, brown sugar, honey, sunflower seeds, hemp hearts, cinnamon, ginger, vanilla.






⚡️Pro tip: All JB3 breads come back to life with a little heat because of our steam injected ovens. 

🥖 FRENCH BAGUETTE/PRETZEL BAGUETTE/CIABATTA: freeze immediately if you won’t consume within a 1-2 days. Cut it the way you want to serve it and freeze it in a freezer bag. Tie tight! 

To Thaw: leave out on the counter the night before or wrap in foil and pop in the oven to resurrect. 350* for a couple minutes depending on the strength of your oven!.

🍞 ALL OTHER BREAD: good on the counter for at least 2-3 days. Freeze in sealed bag. Thaw: leave out on counter/wrap in foil for a soft toast/frozen slices can go freezer directly to toaster. 

🌀 PAN OF CINNA ROLLS: option to leave on the counter, place in fridge or freeze, buyers choice. To defrost leave on counter the night before or pop in the oven with the top on at 350* for a few minutes. 

Room temp 3-5 min. | From Fridge 5-10 min. | From Freezer 10-15 min. 

🥐 CROISSANTS: best consumed day of or very next day. You Can freeze if you wish to consume at later time.

To Thaw: leave out on the counter the night before or wrap in foil and pop in the oven 350* for a few minutes or slice down middle and toast. 

In a hurry? Pop it in the microwave for a few seconds depending on the strength and if you want a crunch toast quickly for a fast & fresh snack!

❌ HOT CROSS BUNS: leave on counter and eat room temp or wrap in foil to toast at 350* for a few minutes. 

🥜 PEANUT BUTTER PIE: keep refrigerated and serve cold. Freezes nicely. Leave on counter to thaw. 

🥧 PIZZA RUSTICA: keep refrigerated, wrap in foil and bake in oven at 350* for 5-7 minutes.  If frozen, thaw a bit then bake.

🐣 DINNER ROLL WREATH: leave on counter or freeze. Heat up in oven wrapped in foil 350* for a few minutes (longer if frozen). 

🍋 LEMON OLIVE OIL CUPCAKES: keep refrigerated after purchase. Freeze them for a delightful frozen treat.

🥕 CARROT CUPCAKES: can be left on counter but please refrigerate on second day. 

🍕PIZZATTAS: place in the oven at 350* for a few minutes, if frozen 15-20 mins. Keep in foil if you prefer a softer crust. 

🌟 TIDYS: keep in foil and bake in oven 350* for a few minutes or if frozen 15-20 mins.

Option to pop it in the microwave for an even softer tidy!



Try our Gluten Friendly Whole Grain Sourdoughs and breads. We freshly mill whole organic grains from LINDLEY MILLS NC and use Old World Style baking by process of long fermentation to break down the gluten, leaving our breads easy to digest, while giving you energy.

We've had great success with our GF patrons but as we tell everyone...our bodies are all unique so take it slow and see how it goes. Look for the "G-FRNDLY" next to our GLUTEN FRIENDLY PRODUCTS.


Here at JB3 we DO NOT USE artificial preservatives so we suggest that anything you won't consume within a few days, be frozen immediately to preserve moisture.

We use steam injected ovens to bake your breads fresh so they have amazing moisture to capture for freezing. In our home we slice our loaves and take half to store on the counter and half to freeze and take out later in the week. (We prefer ziplocks for both counter and freezer storage.)

To Reheat: Freezer to toaster or oven is fastest but you can also pull your bread from the freezer night before and it will thaw beautifully for morning. Whole frozen loaves, bake in oven at 350* for 20-25 minutes. Option to wrap in tinfoil to keep it moist and chewy!


Purchased our sourdough starter from the DoughJoe and not quite sure what the first step is? START HERE!

  • 1/2 CUP FLOUR
  • 1/4 CUP WATER

Feed once every 12 hours.

What does feeding mean?

Feeding a sourdough starter refers to the process of adding fresh flour and water to your existing starter to keep it healthy and active.

Sourdough starters are living cultures of wild yeast and lactic acid bacteria, and they need a regular supply of food (flour and water) to thrive. Feeding your starter every 12 hours is a common schedule for maintaining it, especially if you keep it at room temperature.

For a FULL WALK THROUGH click here.


Jamison B is named after our son, Jamison Blue, and we started this company when he was just 18 months old. His Papa; Chef Jason is our head baker and takes care of all things bread. His Mama; Jamie "Blue" is our founder, owner and operator who takes care of all things business and sings a little song on the side. Together we have been slinging bread to local chefs since 2013. You can catch our breads at some of our favorite local restaurants like On Swann, Buddy Brew, Bella Brava, Rooster and the Til and Haven, to name just a few. 

During the shut down of 2020 the DRIVE BY MARKET was born to keep our employees employed and fresh bread baking. Fast forward to 2022, with the passing of our amazing market lead and dear friend, Joe Laich - we were forced to make hard decisions, but the silver lining was the creation of the Jamison B. DoughJoe.

The Jamison B. DoughJoe is a bread-centric specialty grab N' go shop located in Ybor City, FL, supplying Tampa Bay with Jamison B. Breadhouse artisan breads, pastries, ready-to-eat ciabatta and focaccia pizzas, stuffed Japanese milk buns and more. Whole bean coffee and cold brews provided by favorite local roasters, Eastlick and Buddy Brew. Our Loose Tea, honey and magic elixirs come from Roots and Ritual. The only shop in Florida carrying Bordier Butter from France while offering select meats and cheeses with various impeccable specialty retail items chosen by our Head Baker; Chef Jason Laukhuf. Served up with kindness, love and a dash of sarcasm.

We appreciate every single one of our patrons, you are family, so WELCOME TO THE BREAD FAM!

What our customers are saying

"Jamison B. bread’s rich flavors, warmth and goodness are a direct reflection of the people who make each loaf, baguette and roll. Every bite is a warm embrace. Anyone who serves their bread to friends, family members or customers shines as a result of sharing that goodness and craftsmanship.”

Jeff Houck

THE BEST variety of a unique specialty breads and pastries in Tampa. They are always coming up with irresistible new offerings made with integrity and love.  Not to be missed!

Elena Mantas

I am so thankful to have found this bakery and their wonderful sourdough bread. My oldest child cannot have gluten and my youngest is allergic to dairy. We had pretty much just given up on bread until I found them, because my children didn’t like any of the other alternatives out there. My kids are so excited to be able to have bread without any negative reactions in their bodies. It has opened up so many meal options for them! Even if you are not gluten free, this bread is wonderful, my friends and family always comment on the amazing bread we have in our house.

Cindy Horrocks